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    Every time I load recursion?

    I love recursion and have used it for years, I took a break from the game and just came back to find something really annoying. Every time I load recursion I have the mods panel block half the window and must dismiss it, why? How can I disable this? Thank you.

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    The mods panel auto hides when you start a session if you leave the window open, but leaving the window open is a not insignificant drain on resources so it's best to minimize it regardless and use the in-game overlay options available. Before you start a session, the section that the mods panel is "blocking" shows no information on anything, so I don't really see the issue here personally.

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    I personally agree with token. I run recursion on my third side monitor instead of using the overlays and I have to readjust everything every time I load it. Why cant the program remember slider adjustments and column widths, etc.? Multiple monitor support would be a nice feature as well. I would like to drag mod windows off to my side monitors and have them reload in the same positions as well.
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