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    Version 11 Now Available

    Full Change Log

    Core Program

    Mod Support
    • Mods are now browsable and can be downloaded and configured.
    • Plugins and components are now loaded in as part of their containing mod through our internal installer automatically.
    • Added MainMenu which shows active mods. When a mod has been updated or requires a restart it will notify you.
    • Added Mod Manager for viewing and managing mods and their respective components. This is available from either the Mod tool strip or from the Main Menu (Add Mod).
    • Added News page (Eventually will have dynamic content)

    Main Menu with Active Mods
    Name:  ActiveMods.PNG
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    Main Changes
    • Refactored and optimized core program into standalone entity.
    • Improved visuals (shadows, borders, animations)
    • Added Theme Support (Not yet exposed)
    • Greatly reduced visual flicker across the entire application.
    • Added option defaulted to on to allow updates while a game is running.
    • Improved internal updater logic.
    • Updated our serializer to one that better supports xml / binary for polymorphic objects across multiple libraries. (Old components will not work on V11 and V11 components are not backwards compatible)
    • Optimized how and when components are loaded.
    • Components can now have more variables exposed including custom images. (ie Your own image for an in-game overlay)

    Component Configuration
    Name:  ImageEdit.PNG
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    • Opening options no longer can give value out of range error.
    • New account creation link no longer points to the old site.
    • General fixes and improvements.

    PlanetSide 2

    New Player Manager
    • Redesigned Player Manager to better display options available.
    • Player Manager will be placed on the main screen over the killboard. It can be accessed by Manage button or from the options menu.
    • Clicking on a player once will extend it to show additional properties and options.
    • --The following features have always existed for Player Manager but may not have been well exposed.--
    1. Auto Track means you never have to press Start Session. The client will listen for login events only for characters you have set to auto track and automatically start or end sessions.
    2. Auto Save Session will save your session to the Recursion Server when your session ends automatically.
    3. Each player can be drag and dropped to re-arrange their order. This is their priority. The higher the player the higher the priority. This means if you are actively tracking the 2nd player on the list, and the 1st player signs on, the program will then start tracking player one instead. This is really only useful if you also track players other than yourself.

    PlayStation 4 Support
    • Added PS4 support for US and EU. Change this by clicking on the Version under Player Manager or by going under options. The default value is PC.
    • Console characters added will have a PS4-[Region]- prefixed to their name.
    • You only have to change this option when adding a new player or if you want to auto track players for that platform.
    • Manually starting a session on a character will automatically switch the program to run for that character's respective platform.

    Voice Packs
    • Exposed SessionStarted, SessionResumed, SessionEnded, and SessionSaved sounds.
    • Voicepacks can now be published without losing their original containing sounds. (ie if the path the sound file points to doesn't exist, it will save the sound clip from memory)
    • Voicepacks created with V11 use a similar file structure to V10, but they are not backwards compatible with V10. All V9 (providing paths are accurate) and V10 voicepacks will load into V11.

    Achievement Changes
    • HighRoller now requires BR 120.
    • Blackhand is now recognized toward Executioner.
    • Added missing variations of the Commissioner pistols-- They will now count toward The Commissioner and Executioner.
    • ** We're still missing Kamikazi and Nice Things achievements. They will return! **
    • New updater which has a UI and improved logic for issues installing any files during an update. The UI only shows itself on a problem, so hopefully you never see it.
    • Updated dx libraries with some fixes.
    • More than one panel per component should save its position coordinates properly now.
    • Impact debug display should no longer show random characters at the end.
    • Fixed a possible crash if the graphics display reset.
    • Update notifications don't start tracking time until a full notification is presented once. Previously not all logic checks guaranteed a message would show prior to counting.
    • Script variables are initialized correctly to their starting variable if no other initialization is performed.
    • Trigger event threadpool performance improved.
    • Primitive type handling for ScriptVariables have been drastically simplified and improved
    • Font can now be set as an exposed global script variable.
    • Added SoundPath variable and exposed it along with options UI.
    • Simultaneous file downloads limited to one instead of three. There was a rare race condition which would prevent the client from auto installing updates after they downloaded. Simultaneous downloads will be increased again in the future with a proper fix.
    • Improved Windows 10 support for starting Recursion after starting PlanetSide2.
    • DirectX launcher initializes after an integrity check rather than before, in case a dx related file was being updated.
    • Added Extended debug display which can display information in the game. There may be a minor performance impact if this is turned on.
    • If a config item was set to an incorrect value in the xml file it should restore to default on load properly now.
    • D3D Injection DLL is now signed and has Windows 10 Fall Creators Update support.
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    PS4 users - Keep in mind that while tracking should work fine, we really haven't tested session saving or achievement sending and so it's probably not going to work properly yet. If you're a PS4 user looking to test the beta please let us know your Recursion server username and character name so we can keep an eye on how badly this breaks so we can fix it and have you try again until everything works.

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    I sometimes forget there's a ps4 version of this game

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    Amazing. Simply amazing! Such a great effort & work!

    Thank you very much!

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    any news on a new build version ?

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