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    Lightbulb Constructive suggestion: Dynamic Crosshair Overlay

    I suggest to create an option to make the Crosshair Overlay dynamic. It could increase in size or shape during automatic fire to provide feedback for accuracy loss.

    We have access to weapon's database, we can make RTST determine which weapon the player is currently using (latest weapon he got a kill with), and adjust crosshair scaling rate and offset based on weapon's refire rate and CoF bloom.

    We could also have players set up the loadout in advance, and RTST can update it dynamically if need be.

    Of course, all of this hinges on: can Recursion Stat Tracker subscribe to mouse click and keypress events?

    I made a similar suggestion to a PS2 dev, but got no response.

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    RTST can track mouse click and keypress events and alter overlays based on that, but there's no easy or simple way to get real dynamic elements like that. The whole overlay refreshes when you change things and it loads it all as a static image. There is also no elegant way of knowing what weapon you have equipped except for last kill, which isn't the best solution. You could maybe hack something together that works sometimes, but it'd take time that I don't have at the moment, regrettably.

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