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Thread: Mouse issue

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    Mouse issue


    Haven't played PS2 for a while.. (Booooh!!)
    So yesterday I had some free time and hoped in! I also started Recusrion Tracker, which got A LOT updated since the last time I used it

    But I instantly faced a huge issue: whenever I use Recusrion Tracker while playing PS2, I have an insane lag on my mouse, whenever there is some action on screen, which makes the game unplayable (even when I alt-tab, I see the cursor which keeps mocing by itself). I know it's not the hardware, because it's all fine, and as soon as I close Recsurion Tracker, everything goes back to normal...

    Did everybody encountered the same problem?
    Is there a fix?


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    Make sure your main Recursion Tracker window is closed while playing, it can sometimes be a bit of a resource hog. The overlay does not have this issue.

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