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    Request: Ammo Printer Clock

    I use Recursion for very long (before the Major Update )
    And now this is my first Post on this Forum and also first request.

    Planetside2 had an Implant Update now and with that i thought it could be time for a request SPECIFIC on one Implant!

    I main Infiltrator and when i cloack...the ammo will NOT i have to know when i can decloack and the Implant will restock my ammo.

    I thought about a customizable Countdown which would count back from 60 to RESTOCK....or maybe 30 seconds before?
    The last 5 Seconds appear red to indicate the process of restocking.
    Also the Countdown has to be adjustable.... like a button with asignment will start counting back and also two other buttons can add or take seconds.

    I may want to choose where i want the countdown....Edges or maybe more in the centre next to my crosshair.

    The Project would be the same kind like the Fire Suppresion one here on the forum.

    I am looking forward to some answers!

    Cheers Diggy
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    You can set up the Alpha Timer mod for that. you will have to press a key to start the timer each time though. It's also a little buggy, but should work well for your purpose.

    See here:

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