Hello everyone!

I'm proud to present to you my dynamic voice pack! It was made to make my playsession more epic by adding cool lines from other games of movies that really fit the achievement. Most of the voice packs I tried before had lines that didn't fit the action well so I started customizing this pack a like 1 year ago. I've simply built on the Starcraft voice pack wich was my favorite, now made it dynamic with several lines for the most common achievements.

Download link (version 2.1)

Link to the full article on my website

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Demo 1 and instructions

Demo 2

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Here is the full reference list:
Starcraft I
Team Fortress 2
Titanfall 2
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Duke Nukem
Half Life
Quake III arena
Band of Brothers
Pacific Rym
John Wick
The Pacific
Edge of Tomorrow
Game of Thrones
The Avengers
Man of Steel
Trololo Song
Funny Batman
Free 2 Play Movie

Thanks so much for the amazing software!! It's not the same playing without it!