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    [Voice Pack] Retro Nostalgia 0.3

    NSFW NOTE: Contains swearing.

    Demo video (just voice lines alone) for 0.3:
    Demo video (with some gameplay) for 0.1:

    Hi, someone on Reddit joked about adding the Wilhelm scream to RST, for roadkills.
    I ended up adding that, Betty sounds from the MechWarrior series, and one-liners/quotes from Rex Colt in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.
    Basically, I ended up with an 80's retrofuturistic soundpack. Probably works best with VS or NC theme.

    Will be glad to incorporate any suggestions; version 0.3 is because I haven't filled out some of the sounds (notably, air/vehicle/max streaks).

    New in 0.3:
    - Clean sounds, more quotes. Fuck yeah.

    Old version:
    - 0.1:
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