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    Recursion Tracker crashes PS2

    Hello everybody,
    since the A.S.P. update in PS2 i cant run the game with the recursion tracker.
    as usual, i start recursion tracker, start the session and then i start ps2. i can get into the game, but after some seconds i get a white screen and ps2 close itsel, while recursion tracker still is active. this problem occours if i run both the same time. if i only start ps2, with recursion tracker closed, i can play normal.

    recursion tracker version is
    my system is windows 10 x64 bit.

    i already did the repair install on recursion tracker, then did reinstall ps2. after nothing works i deleted all files from recursion tracker, and then reinstalled it. it did work for a session, but after i restarted ps2 the white screen did happen again and game chrashed.
    Even tried running both in admin mode, did not changed anything.
    Legacy hooks are disabled.

    i would be very glad if you have a solution for this problem.

    with best regards


    i have noticed that the game only crashes if i enable the overlay ingame. if its disabled, i can play perfectly fine, with all the sounds. (but still, overlay is what i want to use :/ )
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    Can you look at the replies to my post here

    The users in that thread were having similar issues but identified a conflict with other software interfering such as Nahimic. Disabling the conflicting software helped correct the issue. Could you try to identify what might be interfering?

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    I dont use Riva or Nahimic or any similar third party software, the only i can think of giving an overlay is Geforce Experience.
    i shut it completely down, but crash happened again.
    any other source i can think if is maybe steam, but i will download the standalone, to see if there is a problem maybe with steam.

    UPDATE: no change at all. load, log into my character, white screen, chrash.
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