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    Recursion causes games to freeze when making any keyboard or mouse input

    So.. I spent some frustrating hours yesterday trying to figure out why the hell all my steam games would freeze when ever I made any keyboard/mouse input.

    It took me ages to isolate the issue and for a long time i thought battle eye was causing it. If I launched the game without battle eye, everything was smooth as butter. This was strange though as I while I cleaned all my old battle eye folders from every game I have installed, I found one in Planetside as well. And planetside runs smooth.

    So I've updated all drivers, completely scanned my entire PC of malware with two anti-virus programs. NOD32 and Malwarebytes. I cleaned my registry with ccleaner. I reinstalled drivers. Defaulted all settings. Nothing was working.

    My wife's pc with the exact same specs had no issues, so I knew it was most likely software related.

    Then I stumble upon a year old thread and a guy with the exact same issues mentions "Recursion".
    I exit recursion, load up ARK -- and what do you know.. It's smooth as butter again..

    So recursion can cause serious issues with other games, disable it if you have any issues.

    Edit: the issue was not isolated to Ark either, Conan Exiles (steam as well) also froze.

    Is it possible to ad a simple warning message when installing recursion that it may cause issues with other games? - Or is there one already, idk..
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