As title already gives it away, I took the initiative to "steal" the soupyv3 and made some modifications... including some, er... "inappropriate" headshot sounds. And also removed some sounds/memes that felt "forced" and out of place. Sooo, yeah... first things first... all credit goes to [AC]soupybutt for making such a awesome voice pack (you can check and download his "vanilla" voice pack right here) aaand for all the work and dedication he put into his vo. With that out of the way...

...there's not "much" to say about this modification, honestly. Other than the "big sellout" of it is the headshot sounds. And the "kill" ones and "Max down". And mayyybeeee the "Holy ****" one. So if you are into vehicles only and avoids infantry battles... you won't feel any difference at all.

You can download the modified soupy v3 "stolen edition" right here.

"How to install/run"

Download it, extract its contents into the RTST folder, run the program, load it up, etcetc.