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    Recursion Lite

    any chance that we could have a version of recursion that only tracks, per kill, group kills, streaks, headshots, knifes,explosions, maxes and maybe add in different weapons like shotguns and what not? I remember asking about different achievements being added but was told that the more achievements met it would take up more resources to watch for on the api. ATM there are alot of unused achievements such as "nice things" "shoot the needle" "vip kill",etc, not saying they don't happen but the rarity they do just doesn't seem to be worth it and that is not even counting fire/iced.

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    I'm not sure who told you that but they were wrong. 0 Achievements (just stat tracking) or 100 achievements, the API stream is the same.
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    Great!, I wish the old post was around so I could link it. Well would it be possible to add some weapon types to recursion such as shotguns, and also Sidearm slayer has not worked in a long time at least for the plat commie 8(

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