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    Error: "Could not connect"

    A few days ago, I installed Recursion Real Time Stat Tracker. When I double-click on the icon, the login screen appears, but in red text above "Login" field, it says "Could not connect". I cannot log in (probably due to "Could not connect"); when I try to create an account (if the forum login is separate from the program login) it recognizes my login as having already been created.

    To troubleshoot, I have done searches and looked through the forums.
    I have done the following:

    1) Restarted computer
    2) Ran .exe as "Run as Administrator"
    3) Allowed all six programs in the \Recursion\RecursionTracker through the Windows Firewall as an "allowed app"

    I have logged on to Planetside 2, and no one has reported that Recursion Real Time Stat Tracker's servers are down.
    What can I do to further troubleshoot?
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    Problem remains.

    4) Uninstalled and reinstalled
    5) No log exists, so I cannot post a log. I have win10 x64 (re:Sticky message about how to get helped)
    6) When I play Planetside 2, I ask about Recursion Real Time Stat Tracker. Every time it has been reported as being functional; the server is not down.
    7) I disabled all antivirus software while trying all of the above attempts at a solution.

    I check this message board regularly for a reply; however the oldest unanswered post on the front page is almost one month old, which implies a delay. Should I stop checking back so often?

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    I am having the same issue and it's a year later :\

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