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This is a custom voiceover pack for the Recursion Stat Tracker. I based it off of the Machinima series Gamer Poop which was created by mans1ay3r.

The voice pack is mostly complete save for a few specific achievements which I had difficulty choosing a good voiceover for.

Installation Instructions 1. Download the GamerPoopVoicepackv2.rtst_vpk file. Linked at the top of the post.
Place the file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Recursion\RealTimeStatTracker
Open up Recursion Stat Tracker and find Tools/Options/Audio and hit the Load button.
Find the GamerPoopVoicepackv2.rtst_vpk file and select it.
Note: Step 1 is not required, you just need to download and locate the file through Recursion Stat Tracker

We'll bang okay?