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    Exclamation "error: Socket_timeout"

    Recursion hasn't functioned properly for me or my boyfriend for about a week now. When you attempt to start a session, it tries, says "session ended" and the message "error socket timeout" is displayed at the bottom right hand corner. Someone help!! We have tried starting a session over and over an over again in hopes that it will finally go through, force offline mode, restart, etc. nothing works.


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    Yeah, the issue is on DBGs end with their web socket service. They are looking into it.

    Thanks for taking the time to come here and report it though. Appreciate it.

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    Awesome, good to know they are looking into it. Thanks for the quick reply, it's appreciated.
    P.s. thanks for your efforts; Recursion makes planetside 2 even better of a game than it already is!

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