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    Question lifetime kill number doesnt update and accumulate.??

    My NC character ZhiYD on Conery . The life time kill number never update. It always show 9477 when I login game. The death updated all the time.

    How to fix this problem? My life time kill number should be 9799

    Can anyone provide information how to fix this issue?? Thanks!
    I have already tried reinstall recursion tracker and it does not work.

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    Similar problem here: lifetime death number gets updated during a session, but resets to the session's "start value" at the end of the session. Lifetime kills count works fine here.

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    Anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks!

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    Windows 10 Pro / Version 1803 / Build 17134.648


    Description of the problem:
    Lifetime death number (number of my own deaths) always resets to the (last) session's start value when I start a *new* session. However, it gets updated during each session, and it doesn't reset when I resume a session.

    Ex.: My lifetime death number - according to rtst - is 19747 when I start a session. It then gets updated each time I get killed and it might be 19821 at the end of a session. If I resumed this session and get killed again, rtst would continue with 19822. But when I end the session, turn off my computer and come back next day and start rtst again, death count will be 19474 again. shows my "real" death count as 20410. This number is identical to the lifetime death count from the ingame stats page (20410). , however, shows the same wrong number as rsts does: 19474.
    So this might be api related, again. But it seems I am the only one with this specific problem?

    What you were doing last:
    It happens regardless of what I was doing before starting rtst. The problem persists since (at least) the beginning of march.

    Any reply would be much appreciated.
    And thanks for this great tool!


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