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    I usually only play multiplayer shooters or mobs like league of legends, but lately I've started to really like single-player games. Most recently, I passed 4 parts of resident evil as resident evil 2, resident evil 3, resident evil 7, resident evil village and I think that the resident evil line of games is probably the best in the action-horror genre with puzzles. However, I don't know what to go through next. My friends advised me The Evil Within, but I'm not sure. As long as I can record videos and play games for money, I think that I will like any game as long as there are no problems in it like in cyberpunk.
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    I play different games, but most of all I like CS:GO, Minecraft series of Call of Duty games (I've been playing since the second part). I started playing CS because my brother played back in 1.6 and taught me, since then I often participate in different tournaments. I fell in love with Minecraft at the age of 12. Then I played single player mode and went through the storyline. After I killed Ender the dragon, I started playing multiplayer, and sometimes I go in. And I like Call of Duty for the plots and dynamic battles, it's very cool, because I'm a big fan of shooters. I also like Assassin Creed, The Elder Scrolls and PUBG. Just a few more story games (for example GTA) and that's it. I mostly play multiplayer with my friends.
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