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    Other games you like?

    I'm curious, what other games do you guys like to play?

    I've been burning spare time when I can't commit enough to make Planetside worth it to World of Warships.

    I used to play shit loads of Guild Wars and Baldur's Gate and a little bit of WoW. Wouldn't mind getting into WoW a little more when I have the time.

    I want to get into Borderlands as well, the GoTY's are out as well as a new one soon, just don't have the time to commit to new games right now. :/

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    That looks like a shit load of fun. I haven’t jumped on the VR train yet, though I’m beginning to lean that way having watched some CS Go in VR, although mainly for the meme value, I will admit.

    Is the rift still worth the investment?

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