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    I usually only play multiplayer shooters or mobs like league of legends, but lately I've started to really like single-player games. Most recently, I passed 4 parts of resident evil as resident evil 2, resident evil 3, resident evil 7, resident evil village and I think that the resident evil line of games is probably the best in the action-horror genre with puzzles. However, I don't know what to go through next. My friends advised me The Evil Within, but I'm not sure. As long as I can record videos and play games for money, I think that I will like any game as long as there are no problems in it like in cyberpunk.
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    I play different games, but most of all I like CS:GO, Minecraft series of Call of Duty games (I've been playing since the second part). I started playing CS because my brother played back in 1.6 and taught me, since then I often participate in different tournaments. I fell in love with Minecraft at the age of 12. Then I played single player mode and went through the storyline. After I killed Ender the dragon, I started playing multiplayer, and sometimes I go in. And I like Call of Duty for the plots and dynamic battles, it's very cool, because I'm a big fan of shooters. I also like Assassin Creed, The Elder Scrolls and PUBG. Just a few more story games (for example GTA) and that's it. I mostly play multiplayer with my friends.
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    Really? I, on the opposite, like games with a story, especially if it's some detective and you need to find out who the killer is and something like that. I also love MOBA, and one of my favorites is League of Legends. BTW, it has a new game season starting soon, and a lot of skins for the champions are coming out. Besides that, I play different games on PS4, and I recently bought FIFA 22 PS4 license activation key from the online store to start playing it as soon as it comes out. I've been waiting for its release for a long time. I also like to play party games or family games on PS4. We usually play Overcooked 2 a lot with friends.

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    I really love Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and I can spend a lot of time playing in this game there. It's so addictive and cool for me right now

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    Me too! It's a very nice one and I love doing it a lot. By the way, it's always interesting for me to get more information about the sphere of games in general and this homepage on helps me a lot to get the latest news without any issues. They have a convenient website and that's why I like it.

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    As for games, I would single out cs go because it's a game of my childhood. I remember spending a long time in the game and enjoying the process of the game. Previously, when I had a lot of free time, I was constantly playing. Now I have much less free time, and I don't play games. I prefer to travel all my main time. And when you also have living in a van, you want to see new places and not play games constantly. Although... I sometimes have a desire to remember my youth and play something. I think, though, soon I'll take my laptop, lie down in my van at night and play some game, what do you recommend?
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    i like cs go also, good game

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    I bought GameSurf Hut, and it is worth it. I might be crazy, but it reminds me of Diablo somehow. Many games make me want to play Diablo because it is my best game. It was tough to level up in the game before; it would take days to beat everyone and get the runes. Now it's much easier because you can download runes at You cannot imagine how much that makes the task easier... I play many games, and there are many good ones, but I always come back to playing Diablo somehow.
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    It's always great to explore other games and find new ones to enjoy! If you're interested in games that not only provide entertainment, but also pay real money, you might want to check out this article It's a great resource for anyone who wants to make some extra cash while having fun. Happy gaming!
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