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    [Voice Pack] Enhanced Experience Pack

    Guaranteed to make the game more enjoyable, and maybe some laughs.
    Tidbits from Duke Nukem, Starcraft, Freespace, Terminator, Predator, They Live, Sudden Impact, Command & Conquer, Red Faction II, Team Fortress 2, Riddick, and so on
    From general compliments up to taunts. Does contain some mild NSFW content.

    Originally inspired from Soupy's voice pack and Moukass1's HEAVY DAMAGE.

    Want a copy? Grab one here

    Hey how do I install this?
    First, open up Recursion stat tracker (if you haven't already)
    Sign in if needed.
    Now, look for tools, then click options.
    Next, click the Audio tab
    Then, where it says (or should say) voicePacks, click Load
    Search for where the file is located, then select and click Open.
    As a bonus, afterwards click Configure to preview each Achievement sounds.

    Now, go out there, and show Auraxis what you're made of!
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