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    can some one help me plz? i need help ( i copy and pasted what i need help with)

    hay con, i need help ive been trying to download recursion and it wont let me download due to a detected virus, me and ghoul bot tryied a few things and it still is not working, do u know anyone who knows this type of stuff that is willing to help me or u yourself? i want to try it out ( i never have before ) but this darn virus is preventing me from even getting it on to my folders so i cant even exclude it from the protecting:P

    chickentendiesToday at 2:25 PM
    a virus you had previously?
    I have no idea honestly
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    3 minutes

    spiffy1209Today at 2:26 PM
    i have no idea all i know is i downloaded it from this website and also i never came acrosse a problem like this before this is my first time dealing with a virus

    chickentendiesToday at 2:26 PM
    the stat tracker developers respond all the time
    sounds like your anti-virus is picking it up as a false positive
    virus protector thinkgs its a virus

    spiffy1209Today at 2:27 PM
    sadly ya, plus i have 2, i have a windows defender and McAFee ( it came with the computer when i bought it)
    so i bet they are like mixing with eachother or something

    (i have done a few things to try and get recursion to work but still it wont even let me download because my computer detects a virus, i have updated my comp even and still no luck)

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    Looks like McAfee is detecting it as some generic signature:

    If you use McAfee in 2019, then I'd honestly suggest replacing it with something else, or just using Windows Defender. The software causes more harm to your machine than it does help. It is also shipped with machines and itself acts like malware trying to convince you to send it money. Please follow these detailed instructions from John McAfee himself:

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    Wow, the MSI hasn't changed in forever, and it's even signed with our cert.

    If you don't want to uninstall McAfee this article looks like it explains how to add an exception:!

    I like this banner on the top of the page "Read the McAfee Consumer Products Refund Policy HERE"

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