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    Issue with Recursion site character link

    I had a character back in 2018 but I've since deleted that character and created a new one with the same name (Senzorei). I tried out Recursion back then and saved a single session. The issue is that I'm now using Recursion with my new character, and while the website recognized that the saved sessions are from different characters, since they had the same name it didn't create a new link for the achievements summary for the new character, both of the buttons under the achievements tab redirect to the same page which is the one for the old character. Would it be possible to remove the old character entirely from the database or implement a fix/workaround for viewing achievements from different characters with duplicate names?

    Even though this isn't exactly relevant to the issue, I'll leave the technical details down here just in case.

    Windows 10 x64 version 1809 build 17763.678 (installed as professional, but with an enterprise license)

    RTST version: (beta participation enabled)

    What you were doing last: using Recursion as normal and saving sessions.

    P.S. Just to clarify, almost everything is working perfectly, no issues with the program itself, different characters or viewing saved sessions, just the achievement summary page for the one specific character with the name (Senzorei).
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    So I accidentally stumbled upon a way around this issue. If you go to Dasanfall you'll be able to select a specific character if multiple ones exist with that same name, once you're on a character page, there is a link to the Recursion achievements page at the bottom of the achievements section. Thread can be closed.

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