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    On a scale of 1 to 20,000, how obsessed are you with k/d?

    And how has it impacted your personal life? I'm asking for science.

    <3 Dim

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    Yo statpaddin and sealclubbin I'm all wit it
    All I know is heavy assault so thats how i spit it
    If you lost your highest K/D heavy than I probably did it
    30/30 2KPM, 4 KD, than I gotta `outfit it

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    Thanks Sayl very cool!
    ~ When the booty get thick, TotalFan comes to bat ~

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    if my kd is less than one i log out

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    they dont call me [OO]verpop for nothing

    its only a three i know shut up it was funnier in my head
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