• Troubleshooting

    Problem: The main program crashes or does not run.
    Solution 1: Install or repair install Microsoft's .NET framework 4.5
    Solution 2: Run the .NET cleanup tool and then re-install the .NET framework 4.5.

    Problem: DirectX Overlay does not show up in PlanetSide 2.
    • Verify Overlay->In-Game Overlay is checked.
    • Make sure you have a mod loaded with a component. Mods -> Mod Manager. Click on an installed mod to view loaded components.
    • Under Tools->Options make sure D3DOverlay -- Version is set to either Auto or the correct PS2 client you are running.
    • If PlanetSide 2 is running as Admin then the Recursion Tracker must also be running as Admin.
    • Try starting RTST before PS2. Try starting RTST after PS2.
    • If the overlay still does not work, try going under Tools->Options->Display and checking Use Legacy Hooks. Then start the PS2 client.

    Note: Try shutting down any other programs that may interfere with the overlay. FRAPS is known to cause problems with or without legacy hooks checked. Starting FRAPS after Recursion and PS2 should work.

    RainMeter and Anti-Virus software such as Webroot has also been known to cause issues with preventing us from injecting our dll into the game client all together. Try disabling other running software as well.
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    1. ammus's Avatar
      ammus -
      have been a long user of recursion. For several months, the overlay hasn't been showing up for me, then I started the rstr before ps2 and everything was ok.

      After the new ps2 patch, starting rstr crashes my game during the client launch. I had to start it after ps2, which would cause the overlay not show up.

      I have done all of the steps above, and nothing has worked.

      PS: Thanks for stat tracker guys, really appreciate the program and your efforts!

      Sorry for posting in the wrong place. It's was really late for me...I'll make another post at the right place
    1. slimeknight's Avatar
      slimeknight -
      If the In-Game Overlay does not work, please try the Help => Update => Repair Install of Recursion Tracker.
      I was resolved.
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