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    I love this voicepack

    This voicepack contains a lot of sounds from various sources like music, movies, games, ...

    I made it for my personnal use so i'm not sure if it can be considered as safe for work ^^.
    I wanted to have a female announcer for the spree sounds so i made it with the wolfenstein : enemy territory (orgasmic) sounds which are on my computer and league of legends sounds (only 2).
    The movies : full metal jacket(it can be a bit offensive^^), pirates of the caribbean, terminator, apocalypse now, 300, ...
    There are also old songs (ACDC, the trashmen, ...) and some well known sounds from videogames (Worms, counter-strike (not sure), unreal tournament, Killer Instinct and many more).

    There might be some sounds that are the same as others voicepacks but i wanted to have it too.

    Here is the link :

    I hope you like it and excuse me if I do some faults, English isn't my mother language (you can PM me for this).

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    2 new sounds to avoid having any LoL sounds in my voicepack and a voicepack for french people.

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