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    [VoicePack] DOOM + DOOM Eternal Soundpack


    I've made a DOOM soundpack, with sound playing depending on how you play, with some extra secrets in it.
    You can download it here:

    Slight disclaimer that it is loud, as that is the volume Mick Gordon published it with.


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    I freaking love this soundpack. Definitely my number one from now on. The music just enhance the mood so much and puts you into a killing trance. A true fog of war experience. I actually raised it above the default volume because it was too quiet and didn't do the music justice. I highly recommend anyone---nay---everyone to give this soundpack a try.

    10/10, would rip and tear NC and TR heads into a bloody mist everyday.

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    This one's been fun, thanks.

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    This voice pack is so good! It was my first one I used. Now I'm trying to check out other ones and but everyone I've tried so far are so very lacking in comparison to this one

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    Man, I've been using the Pirates of the Caribbean pack for so long. This is an amazing replacement. And if you play stalker Infiltrator and go on power knife killing sprees, this just turns that up to 100.

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