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    Session Stats are way off

    The tracker seems to be counting correctly and the feed aswell but the stats that are registered are waaaay off.

    I got 26 kills more than I should have and a whopping 257 deaths out of nowhere.
    It just kept randomly adding 5-20 deaths on random occasions. No idea what is going on.

    First time I noticed but maybe not the first time it happened.

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    I did a repair install of Recursion and started a new session. Now it seems to be fine again.

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    NVM it's back. Kills and Deaths just randomly get incremented by waaay to much:

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    What could be causing the Recursion tracker to randomly increment kills and deaths by a significant amount, as reported in the provided session stats?

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    What factors might contribute to the Recursion tracker inaccurately incrementing kills and deaths in session stats, as observed in TS?

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