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    recursion problems

    ok so I started my game today and when I did this message came up,

    now when I'm in-game I can here recursion working in the background as usual but the overlay hud and my crosshair hud are not working, any way to fix this problem? or is this soe doing this?
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    This is a known problem for all users. Daybreak is aware of it and hopefully they will fix it soon.
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    so is recursion ever going to work normally anymore? i have to reload it several times to get to work. and now i cant even get crosshair overlay to work.

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    I've been using it lately without any problems.

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    1. Have you tried running it as admin?
    2. Have you tried running it as beta?
    3. Have you uninstalled it and reinstalled it?
    4. Are you making sure that you are starting RST before your game and letting the game load up after character choice before you make RST stay up on the second monitor?

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