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    [Voice Pack] DOW2 Orkz

    Voice Pack featuring Dawn of War 2's orkz.

    The VP includes 133 unique sound files, filling all of the current achievements (even 500 killstreaks or 10 multikills).
    The version is currently 1.1, but with plans on keeping it updated as recursion updates as well.

    I had originally intended to also include DOW1 orks, but when I had extracted all of the files from DOW2, I felt that I would be compromising or letting down some of the good quotes that are in used in DOW2.
    I’ve tried to fill in the files with the clips that sounds the best and sort of makes sense in the scenario they’ll be played, but as you all know orks are not really used to headshoting their enemies or beat the same enemy multipile times in a row, but I think I got it all to work.
    I personally went with a style that shows the orks from their more “half witted” and “dumb-funny” side, instead of including 90 files of different “Waaaagh” and nobz screams, I’ve tried to make their comments and suggestions during your fight 50% funny and 50% motivating for you to keep on “stompin’ humies”.

    The pack is subject to updates over the coming days, as it has just been released and I need to gather some feedback from different users to see if there are files that are either broken or too annoying to keep in the pack.


    All of the sound files are used under the "fair use/lånelove", I've no intension to earn a profit off them. I've only made this voice pack as a celebration to fans of both Planetside 2 and the WH40k universe.
    All of the sound files belongs to Relic entertainment, the developer of "Dawn of War 2" and THQ their publisher.

    Preview of voicepack. Thanks to TobieBrave from [BRTD] on Miller for putting it together.
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    Awesome. Thanks for making it available to everyone.

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    This voicepack has been updated to v.1.1.
    It now supports the new achievements that was introduced in the v10 update of recursion.
    This includes all of the support achievements, Max killstreaks, Pistol Killstreaks and all the random stuff in between.
    The voicepack now contains 133 unique voice clips, making it one of the largest out there.


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