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    [Voice Pack] MoosePit - Top of the Pops NOT! // Sound files of different music genres

    Originally I planned to create a Voice Pack called "MoshPit" out of my favorite Metal bands. That plan didn't work out so I mixed it up with sound clips of different genres. Half of the callouts are still from the Metal/Punk/Hardcore genre though.

    How to install:
    Copy and paste the files into your "\RealTimeStatTracker" folder.
    Launch the Stat Tracker application.
    Go to Tools > Options > Configure > Load Voice Pack > Select and Open the "MoosePit.rtst_vpk"


    For the case you don't like one of the sound files just replace them with another one of my database.
    Download all sound files (~190 callouts):

    Be adviced that strong language is included!
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