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    [Voice Pack] Space Marines Mk.II

    It's BACK!

    The Space Marines Mk.II Voicepack has returned for the release of RTST v.10 with a staggering 130 new lines and full support for dynamic sounds to keep those common achievements from getting stale! With roughly 230 total voice selections from the Space Marines of Dawn of War 1 & 2, this voice pack should keep you entertained for hours! (Unless you're a filthy heretic)

    Download Link (7.2 MB)

    Again, if you want to preview some of the lines in text before downloading, this spreadsheet should serve as a rough guide.

    To use the voice pack, simply download it and save it in your RTST installation directory, then select [Tools]->[Options] and choose [Audio], then click [Load] and find the file named SpaceMarinesMkIIforRTST10.rtst_vpk and you should be all set.

    If you have any feedback regarding the voice pack, feel free to post it here. If you find one particular line getting on your nerves, I tried to include enough dynamic sound options for you to take one off the list and still have some variation.

    Thanks to RihnoSRB for the original Space Marine Voicepack and inspiration, and thanks to TeaCeremony for extracting all 700 or so Space Marine audio lines from Dawn of War 2.

    Update 3/10/15: Created Achievement Background PNG - if you downloaded the pack before this date, you can either download the updated version (same link) or just the new background image. Imgur Mirror
    Name:  ILbWgjw.png
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    -----------------------------------------------------ORIGINAL POST BELOW--------------------------------------------------------------------

    Space Marines Mk.II is a custom voice pack largely inspired by RihnoSRB's Space Marine Voicepack that uses voice lines by 8 characters from Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 1 & 2. The pack includes 97 custom voice lines; one for every achievement event as of September 9, 2014.

    You can preview the voice lines here: Google Docs Spreadsheet

    You can download the voice pack here: Mediafire (3.03MB)
    BETA 10.2 USERS: Use this file.

    To use the voice pack, unzip the archive and place both SpaceMarinesMkIIVoicepack.rcst_vpk and SpaceMarinesMkII folder into your Recursion Stat Tracker install directory. Then launch the program and go to Tools->Options->Configure and click [Load Voice Pack], then select SpaceMarinesMkIIVoicepack from the list.

    Please feel free to make comments and give criticism either here or on the spreadsheet. Right now I consider this project to be in the beta stage.

    Known Issues:
    • Some variation in volume level across characters. Not critical, but somewhat annoying.

    Special thanks to RihnoSRB for inspiration, Dawn of War 2 voices, and many great line selections.
    Thanks to snaki89 for Dawn of War 1 voices.
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    And video of the pack in action:

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    Can't get it to work - want it...

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    Move the SpaceMarinesMKII folder out into RealTimeStatTracker

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    Durrrrr - werxnow

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    I've updated the pack to be compatible with Beta 10.2 and added a few of the dynamic sounds that were convenient. I'm hoping to review the entire voice pack and add some of the new lines I've cataloged as well as get more dynamic sounds in there at roughly the time the beta 10 version goes live. Hoping to get a good preview video out as well that showcases a lot more variety of lines.

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