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    Voice Pack: Sisters of Battle from Dawn of War Soulstorm

    Copying and pasting from my reddit post:

    Hello, wanted more female voicepacks and found few so made my own. Love Warhammer 40k (even if the Sisters of Battle are like cannon-fodder for stupid fluff author reasons) and just ripped some audio from the game and uploaded them.

    Keep in mind im a grunt and i love my light assualt, all you flyboys and tankers are mortal enemies and as such i put less effort into your audio (that and the fact that there is pitifully little audio to choose from, if someone can find me the Inquisitor's audio files from DoW2 Retribution i will give you a virtual hug).

    I also have no idea what half of them are due to no descriptions so "Praise the Emperor" will be cropping up for all of them.

    That said how to use: Download Recursion, set up account, unzip the .rar file and put both folder and file into the recursion install directory (the one with the program and stuff), then turn on recursion and: Tools -> Options -> Configure -> Load Voice Pack

    Google Drive Link:
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