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    Voice Pack Collection

    Link to Reddit-thread

    Hey everyone!

    What happens when you are bored?
    Well, you throw all the voice packs you can find into one download of course!


    - Zippyshare doesn't take files bigger than 200 MB so I had to make a second file for new ones.


    All the voice packs! (184.43 MB)
    More of 'em! (76.35 MB)


    The following packs are included:
    (Click on the name to get to the original threads)

    File 1:

    * Archer
    * Arnold Schwarzenegger
    * ASF Ultimate
    * Bastion Narrator
    * Bill Sussman's Official MLG Recursion Voice Pack V1
    * BuzzCutPsycho
    * DBZ Abridged
    * Duke Nukem
    * Eldar
    * GAB
    * Gaige (Borderlands)
    * Halo
    * Krieg the Psycho (Borderlands)
    * MadWorld
    * MoosePit - Top-of-the-Pops-NOT
    * Mr. Torgue (Borderlands)
    * Tiny Horse Noises (My Little Pony)
    * Dawn of War 2 Orkz
    * Portal
    * StarCraft Broodwar, Terran only
    * Simpsons
    * Sisters of Battle (DoW Soulstorm)
    * Skullgirls Announcer
    * soupy 1.0
    * soupy's VP 2.0
    * soupy's VP 2.1
    * Space Marines Mk.II
    * Space Marines VP Extended
    * Super Smash Bros.
    * Tiny Tina (Borderlands)
    * Unreal Tournament 2004

    File 2:

    * BuzzCutPsycho Beta Male Edition
    * Psycho 01 (Borderlands) submitted by u/apex001
    * Psycho 02 (Borderlands) submitted by u/apex001
    * Mr. Torgue (Borderlands) submitted by u/apex001
    * Grayson Hunt (Bulletstorm)
    * Starfox 64
    * Dawn of War 2: Commissar Lord submitted by u/inexgrav
    * Heavy Weapons Guy (TF2)
    * He-Man
    * Anti and Bonk: Quake 3 Arena version 0x5f3759df
    * shewie's 1st Voice Pack
    * Team Fortress 2 Scout
    * The Darket Special
    * Tiny Tinas Tee Party with badonkadonks !!!!!!!
    * Tribes Franchise Pack | working download here
    * ZoranTheBear (beta)

    Soontm to be added:

    * More Voice Packs!

    All packs found on /r/planetside and the Recursion forum
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    Thanks for taking the time to collect and post this. Feel free to keep this updated!

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    Here is a few sound files I made for stat tracker. Not 100% but most of the most common ones are done. i just use the default Radlock sounds for the rest.



    Hope ye enjoy.
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    Hi there, just wanted to put here that the Dragon Ball Z Abridged one is out of date and i upgraded Skozz's voice pack to work with the newer achievements with new sounds
    the link is here

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    You know, been playing for a while now. I don't have the ability my self to make a voice pack, but can someone make a Cool Runnings Voice Pack?

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    well a few years late maybe but Ive made a new Voicepack with lots of overwatch lines. If you wanna try it you can get it here:
    Its a dropbox link, so just press "Downlaod" in the upper right corner
    For thos who want to know, there are voicelines from

    - Brigitte
    - D.Va
    - Junkrat
    - Mei
    - Mercy
    - Pharah
    - Reinhardt
    - Symmetra
    - Torbjörn
    - Widowmaker
    - Zenyatta

    There sould be somethin for everyone and you will never get bored with over 900 Voicelines in this Pack. Not only is there a huge variaty in it but really every single achievment has at least one line, the most have at least three but the casual ones like "Per kill" or "Headshot" have over 30.

    I will may add more heros fromOverwatch but I think for the moment it is enough, I still want every achievment unique. But If you have any requests, you can ask me via:
    Twitter: @Dojando98 →
    Discord: Dojando#6321
    Or ask me here.

    Let me know if you will try this one out

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    hey maybe a late question but could maybe someone post the files on a site different than zippyshare?
    cause everytime me or my friends go to that site our virus/malware programs keep redflagging it, and it keeps redirecting us to strange places.
    we would find it really greatfull if someone could do this.

    thanks in advance

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    I know this is an old thread, but I really want to ask. Could anyone make a VP of Ash from Titanfall 2? I think it would be really cool.

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    What motivated you to create a compilation of various voice packs, and have you considered updating it with more recent additions from the community?

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